UK Dividend Champions – December 2014

I’ve updated my UK Dividends Champions List for December. This month’s update adds not one but TWO 25-Year Dividend Champions to the list! In other news, one new 5-Year Challenger, and two new 4-Year Near-Challengers were added based on updated Yahoo data. Read on to find out who they were!

You can find the list directly via UK-DividendChampions(DL).xlsx or from the UK Dividend Champions List page.

New Champion – Cobham plc (COB.L)

This is the first UK dividend champion with 28 years of continual dividend growth that I can show based on real financial data – the majority of online dividend history data for companies stops in 1997, with some limited information available back through 1992 depending on the specific company. Cobham in particular have a great investor site showing annual reports all the way back to 1990. They do look quite dated compared to the glossy annual reports from the 21st century however!

Founded in 1934 (in my home county of Sussex no less), Cobham (COB) is an aerospace / defense company operating in three segments: Aerospace and Security, Defence Systems and Mission Systems. Based on 2013 data, it was the 5th largest defense company in the UK and currently has a £3.46B market capitalization. They specialize in air-to-air refueling systems as well as life-support systems, radar and sensors.

Cobham plc dividend growth history from 1987 to 2014 showing 28 years of growth.
Cobham plc (COB) dividend growth history from 1987 to 2014 showing 28 years of growth.

New Champion – Young & Co Brewery (YNGA.L)

Starting from a Brewery in 1831, Young & Co operates public houses in the UK. They previously had an associated brewery, Wells and Youngs Brewery but exited that position in 2011, ending their 180 years in the brewing business. YNGA is listed on the smaller AIM index with a £305M market cap.

I originally listed the company with a 22 year history in October before adding another 2 years of dividend growth from research in November. However its recent interim dividend of £7.90 gives it a 25 year growth history and earns it a spot in the Champions league!

Young & Co (YNGA) Dividends from 1990 to 2014 showing 25 years of dividend growth.
Young & Co (YNGA) Dividends from 1990 to 2014 showing 25 years of dividend growth.

New Challenger – Anpario plc (ANP.L)

Anpario plc (ANP) is a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of high performance natural feed additives for global agricultural and aquaculture markets. It is a small company with a £53M market capitalization.

New Near-Challenger – LondonMetric Property plc (LMP.L)

With a 4-year dividend growth history, LondonMetric Property (LMP.L) is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) formed from the merger of London & Stamford Property plc and Metric Property Investments plc in 2013. It invests across the UK in Retail and Distribution properties as well as Greater London real estate opportunities.

New Near-Challenger – M&C Saatchi plc (SAA.L)

Another new 4-year dividend growth history company, M&C Saatchi plc (SAA) is an advertising company formed by the Saatchi brothers when they were ousted from the previous advertising agency they formed, Saatchi and Saatchi. The Saatchi and Saatchi company has since been taken private after being acquired by Publicis.


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