November 2015 – Dividend income and portfolio update

I’m feeling better today so without further ado, here’s November’s dividend income and portfolio update. Was November better than October?

Dividend Income

My total dividend income from my portfolio in November was $382, an 11% increase compared to October’s $343. In November 2014, I earned $338; a more useful comparison showing an increase of 13% over the same time last year.

The following chart shows the cumulative dividend income so far this year compared to previous years.

My total income at this point in the year, $5,631, beats last December’s amount and is just $219 below my year end target of $5,850. December is always a strong month for income so at this point I can consider my yearly goal to be met, the only open question is how much will I beat my target by?

Income breakdown

The chart below shows what contributed to my total income of $382 this month.

I received income from individual stocks as well as from my two Vanguard mutual bond funds.

Dividend income from stocks

11 stocks paid dividends this month as shown below.

I made a mistaken in how I reported JPM’s dividend; I hold shares in two brokerages and one paid the dividend in October, the other paid it in November. So the dividend is split over two months since I didn’t catch that in time.

The yield calculations are annualized, or extended forward a year based on the current dividend payment against the market value. The value amounts include contributions from stocks added after the ex-dividend date so yield shown may be a little lower than the current yield.

Dividend income from funds

I received most of my income this month from my two bond funds; VWEAX (Vanguard High-Yield Corporate Bonds) and VWESX (Vanguard Long-Term Investment Fund). These pay their distributions monthly and the distributions are taxed as normal income and not the lower qualified dividend rate but their yield is higher.

My Income Portfolio

Here’s an overview of my Portfolio and how it’s made up as of the end of November 2015.

My Portfolio consists of individual dividend stocks as well as 4 Vanguard mutual funds and cash. There’s not much change in the allocation from last month. The bond portion is down one percentage from last month as the bond value dropped quite a bit and I’ve been adding new capital only to the stock components. My stock fund is up one point as I added proportionately more money to it.

Asset Allocation

The following table shows the detailed asset allocation in my portfolio.

Portfolio Performance

Overall this month my portfolio increased by $682 to $214,495, an increase of 0.3% from last month’s $213,813.

However I added $1,955 in new capital and also used some cash reserves to buy $737 in new shares, $1,775 of VHDYX and $250 of VTIAX. My stock purchases were 31 shares of LNT.

Since the overall increase in portfolio value was $682 and I added $1,995 of new capital, this suggest a market decrease of $1,313 or about 0.6% had I not made any purchases.

So largely thanks to new purchases, my income portfolio is now $39,630 higher than at the start of the year and the dividend income continues to increase.


Quote of the Day

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