UK Dividend Champions – July 2018

UK Dividend Champions June 2018The UK Dividend Champions July 2018 edition is now available at DividendChampions.UK.

There’s not a whole lot of movement in the list this month.
These notes concentrate on changes in Financial Year dividend growth history which I think is fairer than a Calendar Year basis for quantifying growth. Change history for the Calendar Year based list can be found in the Excel File.

None of the companies listed below or included in the List are trading recommendations. They’re simply companies that I researched or otherwise increased their dividend growth history this month. Please do your own due diligence before making any trades.

Financial Year Rankings

I researched five companies this month. Three of these have 5-9 years of growth and two have 1-4 years of growth. No companies were removed from the list.

FY Dividend History July 2018 June 2018 Changes
Dividend Growth 25+ years 18 18 0
Dividend Growth 10-24 Years 66 66 0
Dividend Growth 5-9 Years 59 56 +3
Dividend Growth 1 to 4 Years 45 43 +2
Dividend Growth 0 Years 57 57 0
Total 245 240 +5

New Companies Added

I researched five companies this month. Of those, all five were added to the FY Growth List since June.

Johnson Service group plc (JSG)

I couldn’t determine when Johnson Service Group (JSG) was founded. It’s been around at least since 1984 and was admitted to the London Stock Exchange in June 2008. The company provides high quality textile rental and related services across a range of sectors throughout the UK.

It’s historically been a good dividend payer but it cut dividends entirely during the 2007-2008 period. Since then it’s been resuming dividends and currently has a nine-year growth period as of the end of FY17.

Rightmove plc (RMV)

Founded 2000, Rightmove (RMV) provides services in the UK residential property industry where it connects people to properties. The Company’s principal business is the portal where estate agents, rental agents and new home builders pay to have their properties displayed on the website. Potential home buyers can their search the site for properties.

The company has an eight-year dividend growth history as of the end of FY17 due to a maintained dividend in 2009.

Rentokil Initial plc (RTO)

Founded 1925, Rentokil Initial (RTO) is a global leader in the provision of route-based services which protect people and enhance lives. In addition to the core services of Pest Control and Hygiene, the company offers a range of other smaller specialist services including Plants, Property Care and Workwear.

The company has a long dividend growth history that was interrupted by the market turmoil in 2008. Since then dividends have resumed with a seven-year growth streak.

Phoenix Spree Deutschland plc (PSDL)

Phoenix Spree (PSDL) is a long term investor in the mid-market segment of the German residential property market. Founded in 2007, and listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2015, the company’s portfolio is concentrated in Berlin, where over 99% of properties by value are located. PMM Partners acts as the Property Advisor. It has an experienced team of property professionals with long-standing experience of the German residential property market.

The company joined the London Stock Exchange in June 2015 and has since paid dividends with a three-year growth history.

London Stock Exchange Group plc (LSE)

This company shouldn’t need an introduction but here’s one anyway. London Stock Exchange Group (LSE) is a diversified international market infrastructure and capital markets business sitting at the heart of the world’s financial community. The Group can trace its history back to 1698.

The company started paying dividends in 2001. The growth history is distorted by a change to the company’s financial year end in 2014 which led to two “2014” results, as the second FY14 represented a nine-month year. The FY14 results have been combined in the chart below resulting in a two-year dividend growth history.

Deleted FY Entries

No companies were removed from the FY Growth List this month.

Other FY Changes

There were no promotions or demotions in the FY List this month.

Investment Trusts

The excel list contains Investment Trusts; you can easily identify them by filtering the Sector column “F” for Equity Investment Instruments, where you can either include or exclude them when viewing the list.

Fundamental Data

Entries in the list that have a “Founded” column have been manually researched and checked. The Dividend per Share and yield for these entries were calculated as of 3rd July.

Dividend yield is calculated based on the most recent dividend declarations divided by the current share price. Special dividends are also not included in yield or DPS calculations as a general rule (there are one or two exceptions) therefore actual yields may be higher.

Please keep in mind that the fundamental data will get increasingly out of date as the month progresses. The accuracy of the data is a best effort on my part. You should always perform your own research and due diligence on any potential stock trade and nothing in this post or the List is a recommendation to buy or sell.


The List includes AIM-listed companies which may be more volatile and unstable compared to larger FTSE-listed companies. To filter these out, you can use the Index (Column C) and the Market Cap (Column O) to be more selective.

Excel vs Website

All dividend history data that I have is posted on DividendChampions.UK. The Excel file limits the length to the last 15 years.

DividendChampions.UK is populated from a database built from the companies I’ve manually researched. This is a subset of the complete list in the Excel file. It contains placeholder pages for any other company in the Excel file but you’ll have to search for it using the search bar and there’s not a lot of data for those companies. Dividend history and graphs on the site are only available for companies that I’ve manually verified.

List Corrections

Current file version is dated 03-July-18.

03-July-18: Initial release.

Status update

The good: My new calendar approach to updates is working well and saving a lot of time. It helped catch some companies that I hadn’t updated for a while too.

The bad: More companies are completing their 2018 financial year. I’m working on a new method to accommodate jagged growth periods but for now only 2017 results are used in calculating dividend growth.

Look for the next update of the List on DividendChampions.UK in the first week of August. Follow @DividendChampions on twitter for the latest status or else wait for the release notes to be posted here.

Let me know if you see any comment on the List. Please keep in mind the list is entirely free and I make no money from it, thank you!

Quote of the day

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

2 thoughts on “UK Dividend Champions – July 2018”

  1. Thanks! A fantastic job! Have a significant amount in UK stocks and finding new interesting companies all the time. Your list is a great help an inspiration! My blog is only in Swedish so far so hard to read I guess but i have bunch of British stocks like GREENE KING, HSBC, IMP.TOBACCO, SSE Plc, LEGAL AND GENERAL, GLAXOSMITHKLINE, CENTRICA, MARSTON’S, PHOENIX , CTY, WPP. Being tax-free for us in Sweden they have been really good to me! Keep up the good job and all the best, Toscananext.

    1. Hi Toscananext,
      Thanks for the kind words – I’m glad you find the list useful! The UK stocks you listed look diverse and reasonable to me and I hope they help you retire to Tuscany 🙂 You could look at adding a translation widget to your blog to help reach a wider audience. And also check out if there are Swedish investors in the community.
      Best wishes,

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