Is dividend growth better than yield?

My brain cell has been occupied recently about comparing yield and growth. I mean what’s better – 1% yield with 10% growth or 2% yield with 5% growth? Does it even matter? Armed with some vague memories of math classes in my dim and distant past, and some astute web searches, I did some investigating to see if I could find out.
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Industrial sector stocks – my purchase in July

I recently sold my Delta shares which means the industrial sector in my portfolio is now underweight. Here’s a review of the remaining industrial sector stocks in my portfolio as well as some new candidates as I consider what to purchase.

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How to deal with uncertainty and reach financial independence!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

I like including a quotation at the end of my posts, but today I included one in the title too as a added bonus. You can earn extra credit if you know who said it!  I recently wrote about having an emergency fund and while writing it, my brain cell started to think, “is there anything I can do to prevent myself from having to use my emergency fund in the first place?”. It turns out there is, it’s called managing risk and it’s done all the time in project management.

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Mastering disaster with an emergency fund – but how much is enough?

An emergency fund is money that’s put aside in case of an emergency. That was easy wasn’t it? But how big should it be and where should you even keep it? Your answer is likely to be different than mine. But I realized yesterday that I don’t really know why I’m keeping 1 year’s living expenses in my emergency fund. It’s time to re-evaluate.

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July Purchase – Consumer Defensive dividend stocks

I’ll be taking another step towards Independence on Tuesday as I look to add to my portfolio with Consumer Defensive dividend stocks. This sector has the lowest weight in my dividend stock Portfolio and the sector contains some great dividend paying companies so I’m onboard to go shopping.
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Financial Independence Day!

Financial Independence FireworksIt’s the Fourth of July today which means it’s Independence Day here in the US! That’s as good a reason to talk about Financial Independence as any I can think of!

As a Brit living in the US, I usually joke to my friends that I don’t celebrate this holiday since it represents the legal separation of the original Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain back in 1776. But of course I do celebrate it, and I enjoy living here in the States. Although I am looking forward to visiting my family in the UK later this year!

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Dividend stock portfolio performance review

Since we’re halfway through the year, I thought it would be worth reviewing my dividend stock portfolio performance. I also compare my portfolio’s performance to some mutual funds to see how I fare; although the primary aim of my portfolio is dividend income.

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Introducing Work Freedom Day!

You may be aware of Tax Freedom Day which is the day of the year when the average American has worked enough to pay Government tax obligations and can start working for themselves. In Michigan this year, it was on April 17th.

I’d like to introduce Work Freedom Day as the day of the year where you’ve accumulated enough Dividend Income during the year to no longer need to work. For early retirers, that day would be January 1st but for many of us still on the FI Journey it’ll be somewhat later in the year.
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Digging for dividends in the Basic Materials sector

It’s time for another Sharebuilder purchase and this week I’m looking at dividend stocks in the Basic Materials sector. While this sector has the lowest weight in my dividend stock Portfolio, it also contains many over-valued stocks. Is there any gold to be found or have all the mines been exhausted?
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