The Rise and Fall of Dividend Champions

How many companies have tried and failed to become a Dividend Champion with 25+ years of annual dividend growth? How many of the former Champions are back in the running for another try at Dividend Championship?

Read on for some stats on the rise and fall of Dividend Champions since 2007.

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How to make your own Mutual Fund

A Dividend Growth portfolio is well suited to be viewed as a mini-mutual fund since it’s an allocation to a specific set of dividend growth stocks held with a long-term buy and hold strategy in mind. Here’s how you can make your own mutual fund from your stock portfolio.

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Reviewing my stock portfolio performance: 2011 – 2015

In the summer of 2014, some 18 months ago, I reviewed the performance of my stock portfolio. I’ve hesitated to do it again because I was more interested in dividend income and I wasn’t worried about trying to beat the market with my stock selection. I have since ‘evolved my position’ (as a politician might say) because I was wrong (as a politician wouldn’t say) and I only just realized that this week…

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My Financial Plan (part 2) – A look at Total Return Investing

Following on from my last post about new Financial Plan / Charter, here’s the final installment describing some changes in my Retirement Portfolio which follows a “Bogleheads” strategy, a strategy named after the father of index funds, Jack Bogle.
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Writing my personal finance plan (part 1)

I’ve been wanting to update my personal finance plan for a while now, but I finally made time to sit down and actually do it. Here’s a summary of the more interesting changes since it’s a pretty dry read and I’ve focused more on my Income Fund in this post.

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My dividend portfolio sector allocation

A while back now, I looked at US stock sectors and the number of dividend champions they produced to see if there were any dividend-champion friendly sectors. I’ve used this train of thought to overhaul how I am weighting my stock portfolio. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

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