Net worth update – October 2014

October was quite the rollercoaster ride with the S&P 500 losing nearly 8% of its value from its high on September 18 to October 16. It then went and promptly regained the losses, ending the month at an all time high. Aside from that drama there was little excitement in my world – so here’s my net worth update and progress towards my goals, October 2014 style!

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July 2014 Summary – The good, the bad and the … concert?

King of Leon, Detroit, 2014 Kings of Leon came to our part of the world last night as part of their Mechanical Bull Tour, and we went to see them as a birthday present for Ms DL. The concert was at an open-air stage, it was a warm summer’s evening and they played a frantic number of songs in their set. Supporting bands were The Kongos and Young the Giant. It’s the first concert we’ve been to this year and there are a couple more on our watchlist this year.

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June 2014 – a record month for dividend income!

I can’t believe it’s the end of June and that we’re halfway through the year already! I’m already excited to report that this month has been my highest month for dividend income since I started this journey two and a half years ago. I even beat the income from last December, usually my strongest month due to additional capital gains from some of the funds I hold.

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