Monthly Summary – April 2015

Here’s my net worth update and summary for April 2015. April was (yet) another quiet month with no major surprises which is usually good for finances. My musical tastes last month wandered over to A Fine Frenzy, kind of Tori Amos meets Coldplay; in particular her songs You Picked Me and They Can’t If You Don’t Let Them.

In other news, I started my new site, DividendChampions.UK so that’s been keeping me busy and, well that’s about it really. So was April a step forward towards FI or a step backwards?

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April 2015 – Dividend income and portfolio update

It’s another month and time to report on my dividend income from April. I’ve split my monthly update into two posts starting this month; today’s post focuses on dividend income and my income portfolio. The next post will be on monthly expenses, changes in my Wet Worth and an update to my progress.

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Net Worth Update – March 2015

Here’s my net worth update and summary for March 2015. March was another quiet month with no major surprises – I filed my taxes, booked our trip to the UK this summer, saw the first green grass uncovered by snow, listened to Little Big Town’s Painkiller way too many times and spent quite a bit of time updating the UK Dividend Champions List. But did I step forward or backwards along the path to Financial Freedom?

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Net Worth Update – February 2015

Despite February being a short month, it went by pretty slowly. Maybe it’s the cold gray skies and all that snow. But it’s another month closer to Spring and there’s warmer weather ahead. The Bare Naked Ladies are touring this summer so we bought tickets and that’s something to look forward to. I also received some good news as I received a bonus from work this month plus a higher salary starting next month.

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Net Worth Update – January 2015

It’s hard to believe that January has come and gone already, but it has. It’s been a cold month too – a couple of days it was 6 degrees F (-14 C) as I drove to work. I’m not able to process temperatures that cold – I mean six degrees … really? That’s not a temperature, it’s a shoe size! Anyway it’s another month closer to summer and it’s time to see if Financial Independence is another month closer too.

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Net Worth Update – December 2014

December is usually a quiet month for us in spite of the Christmas holidays. The stock market hasn’t been as quiet however with a drop on the last day of the year erasing most of the gains for the month. I know you’re desperate to know if I moved forwards or backwards on the path towards Financial Independence in December so let me get on with the report. Caution: Three monthly records (♥) were broken in the writing of this email…

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Net Worth Update – November 2014

I’m settling back into my usual routine now that I’m back after my recent trip to the UK, and it’s time to see if I major another step towards Financial Independence last month in November.

November was the month of low oil prices as a result of OPEC decisions and the stocks of oil companies such as XOM and CVX dropped quite a bit as a result, since they make less profit when oil prices are low. Chevron in particular took a big hit and my position there is currently showing a loss.

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Net worth update – October 2014

October was quite the rollercoaster ride with the S&P 500 losing nearly 8% of its value from its high on September 18 to October 16. It then went and promptly regained the losses, ending the month at an all time high. Aside from that drama there was little excitement in my world – so here’s my net worth update and progress towards my goals, October 2014 style!

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