How to deal with an unexpected windfall

Image of a present - how to deal with unexpected windfallsBack in the dim and distant past, a windfall referred to wood or fruit which was blown down by the wind and so became free to anyone. It was later in the 16th century that the term was used for any unexpected acquisition of wealth. Here are some thoughts on how to deal with unexpected sums of money.

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Three irrational financial behaviors that I have

Pretend therapy session for irrational financial behaviors
Time for some therapy. “Hello, I’m DividendLife and I have irrational financial behaviors.” It’s true! I sometimes make less than optimum financial choices and I know it. Yet I’m somehow okay with that. Here are three irrational things that I know I do and why I choose to accept them.

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Budget 17.0 – updating my budget for 2017

Alright so it’s not really up there with one of Lord Blackadder’s dastardly schemes. But my plan is to renumber my future budgets so that I can easily tell which year each one is for. For 2017 I’m going to call it version 17.0 which shares the same number as the year. Cunning or what? I may need to modify it in six months, in which case it’ll be revised to 17.5.

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How can you budget for happiness?

The word budget typically has a negative connotation to it. After all, it’s a restriction to a limited resource (money). A budget is really just one tool in the personal finance toolbox for following a plan. But if money is limited, how can you budget for happiness?

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Quicken 2017 review

As a daily Quicken 2016 Premier user, I upgraded to Quicken 2017 this week. The changes aren’t very significant but I chose to upgrade anyway and take a look. So here’s my Quicken 2017 review with my thoughts about the latest version. I’ve also updated my Income Portfolio Morningstar X-Ray and Credit Score too.
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Budget 4.5 – my updated 2016 budget

It’s past time for my bi-yearly budget review to accommodate any changes since I updated Budget 4.0 at the start of the year. The updated 2016 budget allows small course corrections to take account of changes to living expenses. Since it’s a mid-year adjustment, I’m not increasing the overall amount. But there are changes nonetheless and I’ve had to adjust my Savings philosophy to some extent.

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Inflation and you

I was reading my local newspaper this weekend and the headline was about a 10% hike in the water rates this year. Which made my brain cell stop and think, “Say what? Isn’t inflation under 2%“? In turn that made me question if the standard inflation numbers are even important to begin with. I decided that they aren’t – here’s why.

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