Three irrational financial behaviors that I have

Pretend therapy session for irrational financial behaviors
Time for some therapy. “Hello, I’m DividendLife and I have irrational financial behaviors.” It’s true! I sometimes make less than optimum financial choices and I know it. Yet I’m somehow okay with that. Here are three irrational things that I know I do and why I choose to accept them.

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Budget 17.0 – updating my budget for 2017

Alright so it’s not really up there with one of Lord Blackadder’s dastardly schemes. But my plan is to renumber my future budgets so that I can easily tell which year each one is for. For 2017 I’m going to call it version 17.0 which shares the same number as the year. Cunning or what? I may need to modify it in six months, in which case it’ll be revised to 17.5.

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How can you budget for happiness?

The word budget typically has a negative connotation to it. After all, it’s a restriction to a limited resource (money). A budget is really just one tool in the personal finance toolbox for following a plan. But if money is limited, how can you budget for happiness?

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Quicken 2017 review

As a daily Quicken 2016 Premier user, I upgraded to Quicken 2017 this week. The changes aren’t very significant but I chose to upgrade anyway and take a look. So here’s my Quicken 2017 review with my thoughts about the latest version. I’ve also updated my Income Portfolio Morningstar X-Ray and Credit Score too.
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Budget 4.5 – my updated 2016 budget

It’s past time for my bi-yearly budget review to accommodate any changes since I updated Budget 4.0 at the start of the year. The updated 2016 budget allows small course corrections to take account of changes to living expenses. Since it’s a mid-year adjustment, I’m not increasing the overall amount. But there are changes nonetheless and I’ve had to adjust my Savings philosophy to some extent.

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Inflation and you

I was reading my local newspaper this weekend and the headline was about a 10% hike in the water rates this year. Which made my brain cell stop and think, “Say what? Isn’t inflation under 2%“? In turn that made me question if the standard inflation numbers are even important to begin with. I decided that they aren’t – here’s why.

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The evolution of my account structure

As part of the ongoing simplification & optimization of my personal finances, I’ve made some changes to how I route money between my various accounts. But I thought it’d be worth looking at how I arrived at my individual solution, starting at the beginning, some 16 years ago.

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