Budget 4.5 – my updated 2016 budget

It’s past time for my bi-yearly budget review to accommodate any changes since I updated Budget 4.0 at the start of the year. The updated 2016 budget allows small course corrections to take account of changes to living expenses. Since it’s a mid-year adjustment, I’m not increasing the overall amount. But there are changes nonetheless and I’ve had to adjust my Savings philosophy to some extent.

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Inflation and you

I was reading my local newspaper this weekend and the headline was about a 10% hike in the water rates this year. Which made my brain cell stop and think, “Say what? Isn’t inflation under 2%“? In turn that made me question if the standard inflation numbers are even important to begin with. I decided that they aren’t – here’s why.

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The evolution of my account structure

As part of the ongoing simplification & optimization of my personal finances, I’ve made some changes to how I route money between my various accounts. But I thought it’d be worth looking at how I arrived at my individual solution, starting at the beginning, some 16 years ago.

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Quicken 2016 review

As a daily Quicken 2015 user, I upgraded to Quicken 2016 this week. The changes aren’t very significant but I chose to upgrade anyway. So here’s my Quicken 2016 review, with my thoughts about the latest version as well as an updated look at my Income Portfolio Morningstar X-Ray and an updated Credit Score just for fun!
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Writing my personal finance plan (part 1)

I’ve been wanting to update my personal finance plan for a while now, but I finally made time to sit down and actually do it. Here’s a summary of the more interesting changes since it’s a pretty dry read and I’ve focused more on my Income Fund in this post.

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Budget 4.0 – my new 2016 budget

A new year is nearly upon us so it’s time for my bi-yearly budget review to accommodate any changes since I updated Budget 3.5 in the middle of last year. This time around it’s an increase, although I was able to offset some of the increases by re-allocating some surpluses. So just how much was the increase and why?

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Budget 3.5 – my revised 2015 budget

Before I update my July results, it’s time to update my monthly budget which I tweaked slightly last month. I last revised my budget at the end of last year, so here’s Budget 3.5; a shiny new version of Budget 3.0 for the remainder of the year!

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3 Retirement planning mistakes I made 20 years ago

Retirement. The word means to “withdraw from”, and if you’re just about to graduate from college, the chances are the word has a negative connotation assuming you’ve even thought about it yet. For many Retirement marks the beginning of the end; it’s something people do when they’re old and can’t work anymore. So it’s probably no surprise that it’s way down on the things to worry about for someone with more pressing concerns such as starting a career, family or just finding their way in life.

I mention this because I was asked a question recently: what did I learn in my 20’s to prepare for a better financial future; or failing that, what I would do differently if I could wind back the clock?
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