It finally clicked – my light bulb moment

it finally clicked I finally had a light bulb moment after more than four years of learning about personal finance. I’ve been making a fair amount of changes to my portfolio during my blogging absence. And while I’ve yet to post my new asset allocation, here’s one change I’m making which is long overdue. Drum roll, please…
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Changes to my Income Fund Part One – Account Allocation

account allocation plans

I mentioned in my August Income Fund update that I was planning to make some changes to my Income Fund. Since the changes are quite significant, I’m going to describe them in two posts. Here’s the first change regarding my account allocation.

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August 2017 review – a look at my finances for the month

August 2017 review - the month of the solar eclipse
This isn’t quite how the solar eclipse looked like here in Michigan this month, but if you take away the clouds it was fairly close. Here’s my August 2017 review following on from my August income fund update. It’s almost like a balance sheet statement, but different!

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Saving money on insurance

Saving money on insuranceApparently nobody told my insurance company that inflation was under 2% a year. The auto insurance renewal quote I received in July included a 14% hike in the premium. My policy was already expensive to start with (thanks Michigan), so saving money on insurance became high priority. It’s time to go shopping …

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