August stock purchase – Industrial sector dividend stocks

I scheduled my weekly sharebuilder purchase this week and it’s back to the Industrials sector again as this is the lowest sector in my portfolio again – this is despite last month’s purchase. Here’s a roundup of the industrial sector stocks currently in my portfolio as well as some new candidates as I consider what to purchase next.

Some of the following companies haven’t changed since I reviewed them last month; so I added a couple of new company overviews into this post.

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Dividend champions vs stable dividend schedules

Following on from my earlier post wondering if all dividend growth was equal, I thought I’d take a quick look at the Dividend Champions from David Fish’s list to see what percentage of the champions have a stable dividend schedule.

As it turned out, this meant looking at some companies that I haven’t seen mentioned very often, so I listed them out in case they pique your interest.

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Liebster Award and Nomination

Liebster Award Logo The only two Dividend Diplomats I know, Lanny and Bert, recently nominated yours truly for a Liebster Award. And not just any old Liebster Award, either. This Liebster is under-valued with a low P/E of 14, offering a high yield, high growth dividend with a 5♥ rating at Morningstar! So thank you Lanny & Bert – I’m honored to accept it and I hope I invest it wisely!

Now, time for some answers and questions!
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Energy sector dividend stocks – my purchase in August

It’s coming up to the automatic sharebuilder purchase deadline and currently the Energy sector is the lowest valued in my Portfolio so I’m looking to give it a boost. It was touch and go with the Industrial sector last week but the recent market dip hit my Energy stocks more. Here’s a roundup of the Energy sector stocks in my portfolio as well as some new candidates as I consider what to purchase next.

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July 2014 Summary – The good, the bad and the … concert?

King of Leon, Detroit, 2014 Kings of Leon came to our part of the world last night as part of their Mechanical Bull Tour, and we went to see them as a birthday present for Ms DL. The concert was at an open-air stage, it was a warm summer’s evening and they played a frantic number of songs in their set. Supporting bands were The Kongos and Young the Giant. It’s the first concert we’ve been to this year and there are a couple more on our watchlist this year.

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The effects of reinvesting dividends on growth vs yield

Caution - Math Ahead!
In a recent post, I compared the effect of dividend yield vs. dividend growth. In that article, I did not include the effects of compounding the dividend payments back into the investment because the mathematics made my brain cell hurt. I did speculate that compounding might help the higher yield more than the lower yield since the higher initial dividends would be compounding more over the lifetime of the comparison.

So this week I’ve been spending some quality time with my brain cell to learn about the math behind compounding although it’s taken quite a bit longer than I expected. This weekend I finally found the answer I was looking for with the help of some friendly and knowledgeable people on a couple of mathematics forums. So I thought I’d share what I learned.

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Plans for my Roth IRA

It’s been a while since my last post – I’ve not made any stock purchases and I’ve been busy trying to figure out the effect of compounded dividend growth when the dividends are re-invested. It seems I was correct in my previous article comparing yield vs. growth that the mathematics behind it is complicated. I’ve been learning a lot but I’m not quite there yet.

Anyway in lieu of stock research, what I did recently was to revisit my Roth IRA and make some decisions about it. Currently this year I’ve not contributed to my Roth IRA.

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Book Review: The Little Book of Behavioral Investing

There’s a huge amount of psychology in investing, with many investment decisions being driven by emotion rather than logic. This area of research is known as Behavioral Finance and it attempts to understand why people make irrational investment decisions. You may have made some emotional investment decisions in the past, but chances are you’ll quite likely deny it as you’ve convinced yourself it was entirely rationale and logical. Here’s my review of The Little Book of Behavioral Investing: How not to be your own worst enemy (Little Books, Big Profits (UK))

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Is dividend growth better than yield?

My brain cell has been occupied recently about comparing yield and growth. I mean what’s better – 1% yield with 10% growth or 2% yield with 5% growth? Does it even matter? Armed with some vague memories of math classes in my dim and distant past, and some astute web searches, I did some investigating to see if I could find out.
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