Sold my house…

Mixed feelings here today – I’m on the road, sitting in a Starbuck’s in Alabama after travelling down here to sell my house. I’m listening to David Bowie’s Changes, as I did when I first decided to leave Alabama a year ago, so there’s a certain kind of symmetry. I spent 10 years living here and I already left once last year to move to Michigan and it feels like that all over again. It’s been great seeing some old friends again though.

I bought the house in 2004 for $143,000 and I’m selling it 10 years later for $135,000. So as an investment, it’s not been a great deal. Or was it?
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May 2014 – Stock Purchase (2)

It’s that time again. I came across an interesting article yesterday which compared two hypothetical investors who both started invested $1000 in the S&P index in 1983 and continued investing $1000 each year for the next 30 years. One bought stocks at the end of each year, the other bought stocks at the highest point of the S&P for that year. Guess who came out ahead?
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May 2014 – Stock Purchase (1)

I buy investments twice a month; around the first and third Tuesdays of each month. This is a way of dollar cost averaging and it also allows some minor tweaking on my individual stock weighting since I buy shares from the lowest performing sector in my portfolio at that point in time.

With that out of the way, read on to see my first purchase in May.

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