Weighting a dividend growth portfolio – is market capitalization useful?

My dividend growth stock portfolio is equally weighted by sector, more or less, which is quite different from standard market indexes. But I’ve been thinking recently about how I might go about weighting a dividend growth portfolio, or if it’s even worth it.
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Consumer Defensive stocks – October Purchase

This is my last purchase in October and this week it’s the turn of the Consumer Defensive sector to be the lowest weight in my Portfolio. I tend to buy from the lowest valued sector as it suggests relatively cheaper shares but until I’ve built up bigger positions, the weighting is primarily influenced by purchases. But at any rate it’s a good excuse to cycle through some stocks to see what’s what. My last purchase was back in July when I bought PG which means the sector has been doing well compared to others such as Energy which were lowest twice during that same period.

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Energy sector dividend stocks – my purchase in October

Energy stocks have taken a tumble of late, with reports of lower oil prices going forward due to excess supply and stagnant global recovery. The price of crude oil reached 2010 levels last week at around $83 a barrel. With the recent stock market dip, it’s not too surprising that it’s my lowest weighted sector this week. So it’s time to buy some more – will this month be any different than my purchase of CVX last month?

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October stock purchase – Industrial sector dividend stocks

I totally forgot about Columbus Day this week. Not that it affected me as I still had to work, but it messes with the Sharebuilder automatic trading calendar and the holiday requires that you set the trade a day earlier on Friday instead of the usual Monday. Which of course I didn’t.

So a slight change in plans this week. I wanted to take advantage of the recent stock market drop too so I’m going to make my next purchase in my standard brokerage account at Vanguard which has a $7 commission. Because of the commission, I’m going to invest a little more ($700) this week and reduce the amount I’d otherwise put into Vanguard’s mutual funds by $400 to compensate.

This week it’s the Industrials sector as this is the lowest sector in my portfolio again. I last bought stocks in this sector in August. Here’s a roundup of the industrial sector stocks currently in my portfolio as well as some other stocks in my watchlist as I consider what to purchase next.

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Quicken 2015 Premier review

Update: Please see my newer Quicken 2016 review!

Since I use Quicken 2014 daily in reviewing my finances and investments, I decided to upgrade to the newest release which is Quicken 2015. Here are my thoughts about the latest version as well as an unexpected look at my Credit Score!

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UK Dividend Champions – October

I’ve made some updates to my UK Dividend Champions list for October. There aren’t many changes to the list membership although the stock price & yield data for all symbols is updated as of the market close today and I’ve summarized the changes further below.

You can find the list directly via UK-DividendChampions(DL).xlsx or from the main page.

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Communications sector dividend stocks – October purchase

My site was down yesterday courtesy of my hosting company but it’s back up again now else you wouldn’t be reading this!

As it happens this is my first post about buying stocks in the Telecommunications sector which has finally become my lowest weighted sector. And it’ll be a short post too for reasons that will become clear. Oh the suspense!
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