UK Dividends – Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology (Part 1)

This post is a departure for me as I usually just blog about the stock purchases that I make so that I can come back and see what I was thinking when I purchased them. But after doing some research for the next version of my UK Dividend Champions List (to be released around 4th Jan), I thought I’d write about some of the companies I looked at. So here’s the first part of my eclectic view of the UK’s Pharmaceutical dividend stocks as a sneak peak at the List update next week.
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Budget 3.0 – my initial budget for 2015

It’s time to update my monthly budget for 2015. This should run for the first 6 months of 2015 when I’ll review it again unless there’s some significant need to adjust it earlier. I last revised my budget in September after my mortgage payment changed. So here’s Budget 3.0, a shiny new version of Budget 2.0!

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Healthcare Dividend Stocks – my last purchase in 2014

I somehow managed to mess up my Sharebuilder purchase last week and ended up not buying anything. Luckily, there are 5 Tuesdays this month so I have a second chance to get it right before the year-end. I’m looking at the Healthcare sector this week as it’s the lowest sector in my dividend stock Portfolio. I own three healthcare dividend stocks (PFE, JNJ and HYH), so here is a roundup of some interesting dividend paying stocks as well as my purchase decision.

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What do investors really want?

Psychology forms a significant aspect of personal finance and investing that is often taken for granted but is now a field of study called Behavioral Finance. There are a wealth of factors influencing people’s financial decisions such as how much to save or spend, how much risk to take and what investments to invest in. In his book, What Investors Really Want: Know What Drives Investor Behavior and Make Smarter Financial Decisions Meir Statman answers this general question by looking at the impact that human emotions, behavior and psychology have on financial decisions.

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My personal finance journey – 2005

Yes that’s 2005, not 2014! I’m slowly working my way through my old financial records (more emphasis on slowly than working) to discover what I did with my money when I wasn’t paying attention. So speed your deLorean up to 88 mph or slip into a magical hot-tub if you’re fresh out of flux capacitors, and journey back to 2005 with me!

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My recent UK trip – did we stay on budget?

Aside from eating way too much food and gaining weight from my recent trip to the UK last month, I thought I’d work out the total cost to see if it matched my budget and to estimate what I need to save next year to visit my parents again. Happily, so far this week I’ve already lost half of the 5lbs that I gained and I’m working on the remainder!

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Utilities dividend stocks – December Purchase #2

After last week’s purchase in the Energy sector, the Utilities sector is the lowest weighted sector in my dividend stock Portfolio this week. The last purchase I made in this sector was buying LNT in September.
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Energy sector dividend stocks – December purchase #1

This is hopefully my last catch-up post and reflects my automatic Sharebuilder purchase last week on December 2nd. Given the latest collapse in oil prices, it’s perhaps not surprising that the Energy sector became the lowest weighted in my portfolio. The sector dropped past both Utilities and Healthcare in just one week.

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UK Dividend Champions – December 2014

I’ve updated my UK Dividends Champions List for December. This month’s update adds not one but TWO 25-Year Dividend Champions to the list! In other news, one new 5-Year Challenger, and two new 4-Year Near-Challengers were added based on updated Yahoo data. Read on to find out who they were!

You can find the list directly via UK-DividendChampions(DL).xlsx or from the UK Dividend Champions List page.

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