My retirement accounts update

I don’t write much about my retirement accounts since there’s really nothing much to write about and I try to keep it that way. However after completing the transfer of The Pension That Time Forgot into my Traditional IRA, I also converted my former 401(k) plan and picked a new asset allocation which affected both my Roth and Traditional IRA and also my current 401(k). So I had something to write about after all!

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A Random Walk Down Wall Street (Book Review)

First published in 1973, A Random Walk Down Wall Street (Eleventh Edition) by Burton G. Malkiel is an influential book on investing strategies which has been updated to an 11th edition in 2015. The author investigates different investing techniques, including technical and fundamental analysis and draws the conclusion that neither consistently beat a passive buy and hold strategy. He also offers advice on building and maintaining an investment portfolio of differing asset classes over a lifetime.

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UK Dividends – Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology (Part 2)

Here’s the second part of my whirlwind tour of the Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology sector in the UK exchanges based on dividend paying stocks in the UK Dividend Champions List. This post follows on from Part 1 and covers companies that have shorter dividend growth histories (up to 9 years) as well as a couple that aren’t on the list just for completeness.

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January Stock Purchase #2

This week I decided to add to the stocks I hold in the Basic Materials sector – partly because my Rockwood Holding (ROC) shares have now become Albermarle (ALB) shares with a lower dividend and partly because the sector has dropped in price of late. The last time I added to this sector was back in November when I added BMS.
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Consumer cyclical dividend stocks – January purchase #1

The Consumer Cyclical sector was the lowest weighted sector in my dividend stock Portfolio in the first week of the year. The last purchase I made in this sector was in September last year when I purchased MCD.
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UK Dividend Champions – January 2015

I’ve updated the UK Dividends Champions List for January 2015. I’ve added FOUR new 25-Year Dividend Champions, a new 11-year Contender as well as a new 9-year Challenger from my research, plus many Near-Challengers were promoted by the year end. There are a fair number of demotions too – 41 companies have been de-listed due to dividend cuts or freezes!

Get the List directly via UK-DividendChampions(DL).xlsx or from the UK Dividend Champions List page.

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Net Worth Update – December 2014

December is usually a quiet month for us in spite of the Christmas holidays. The stock market hasn’t been as quiet however with a drop on the last day of the year erasing most of the gains for the month. I know you’re desperate to know if I moved forwards or backwards on the path towards Financial Independence in December so let me get on with the report. Caution: Three monthly records (♥) were broken in the writing of this email…

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