Oops I broke the interweb!

Note to future self: Do not mess with your website DNS settings late at night when you are under the influence of medicine while suffering a bad cold!

I realized my little strand of the interweb aka dividendlife.com was down at lunchtime today as a result of my shenanigans last night – sorry about that! It should be working again now.

3 thoughts on “Oops I broke the interweb!”

  1. I actually have a similar problem, although I cannot get my DNS changed! I’m stuck with this sh1tty host until I annoy them enough to change it for me!

    1. Hi M,
      That sucks – I hope you’re able to sort it out. I consolidated this domain name under a different provider but my hosting is still at the original company. And last night resetting the domain name settings back to default seemed to be a good idea. I have a static IP though so it was easy to fix.

      Best wishes,

      1. lucky for you. I have initiated a domain name transfer to another company, so hopefully that will get finished soon and then I can just change the nameservers to the new hosts (who have been amazingly helpful) and start blogging again!

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