I recently moved the UK Dividend Champions List files over to its own shiny new website:


I intend this new site simply as an online reference of the data contained in the Excel file. It will not be a blog and I’ll still be blogging solely here at DividendLife.

However, the new site should allow more interesting views of the data than I can easily publish in an Excel file or WordPress blog; such as graphs of dividend growth, the dividend history for each company, links to annual reports and averages / stats for dividends based on sectors. I don’t envisage adding any support for real-time data feeds or market news.

I’m still learning how to make a website from scratch so please be gentle with the site! And note that the online list isn’t fully populated yet as I’ve only included ~129 companies from the spreadsheet but it’s growing daily. If anyone’s interested in the technology behind the site, feel free to ask.

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