April 2015 – Dividend income and portfolio update

It’s another month and time to report on my dividend income from April. I’ve split my monthly update into two posts starting this month; today’s post focuses on dividend income and my income portfolio. The next post will be on monthly expenses, changes in my Wet Worth and an update to my progress.

Most of my portfolio is actually in Vanguard funds; the individual stock portion is steadily growing and the portfolio as a whole is steadily tilting towards stocks and stock funds. But first let’s see take a look at the income for April since that’s probably what you’re interested in!

Dividend Income

Total dividend income from my portfolio in April was $341, an expected decrease from last month’s $787 since not as many companies pay dividends in the first and second months of the quarter. Back in April 2014, I earned $256 so this is an increase of 37% over the same time last year.

The following chart shows the cumulative dividend income so far this year compared to previous years. It’s good to see that I’ve already beaten the income from May last year so far this year.

Income breakdown

The chart below shows what contributed to my total income of $341 this month.

I received income stocks as well as my two Bond mutual funds.

Dividend income from stocks

9 stocks paid dividends this month as shown below.

The yield calculations are annualized, or extended forward a year based on the current dividend payment against the market value. They don’t include contributions from stocks added after the ex-dividend date so they may under-estimate the value.

Dividend income from funds

I received most of my income this month from my two bond funds, VWEAX (Vanguard High-Yield Corporate Bonds) and VWESX (Vanguard Long-Term Investment Fund). These pay their distributions monthly . The two stock funds that I own pay quarterly income so they only show up in March, June, September and December.

My Income Portfolio

Here’s an overview of my Portfolio and how it’s made up as of the end of April 2015.

It consists of individual dividend stocks as well as 4 Vanguard mutual funds and some cash that I’m holding in reserve.

Asset Allocation

The following table shows the detailed asset allocation in my portfolio.

Portfolio Performance

Overall this month my portfolio of both stocks and funds increased by $6,790 to $200,091, an increase of 3.5%. My unrealized gains increased from $11,688 (6.44%) to $14,491 (7.81%). The underlying performance isn’t as high however since I added additional capital, so how did that affect things?

This month I added $3,987 of new capital. $1,200 was from my weekly $300 Sharebuilder purchases where I added LMT, EMR, DEO, PG, TROW and QCOM. I also purchased $630 of VHDYX, $100 of VTIAX and $200 of VWEAX. Finally I added $1,857 of new cash to my cash reserves as I’m transferring some savings into my income portfolio.

Since the overall increase in market value was $6,790 and I added $3,987 of new investments, this implies a market value increase of $2,803 or about 1.45%. I’m still excited that this is the first month ever that I’ve broken the $200K limit, and I’m up about $26,000 since the start of the year.


Quote of the Day

Your success depends mainly upon what you think of yourself and whether you believe in yourself.

10 thoughts on “April 2015 – Dividend income and portfolio update”

  1. Great looking month for your dividend income even for a “slow” paying month. Your portfolio growth has also been pretty impressive. You had some good buys last month too with EMR and DEO. Two of my fav long term picks. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi DivHut,
      Thanks! My purchases will slow down a bit now that I’ve changed my trading plan so that’ll be an interesting adjustment going forward!
      Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂
      Best wishes,

    1. Hi DFG,
      Good questions! The cash has definitely been building up of late; especially since I’m gradually reallocating some money left over from my house sale last year from Savings to my Investment portfolio faster than I’m investing it.

      I’m not specifically hoarding it for any correction but I do prefer to dollar cost average over time; originally I’d planned to invest it over a 2-year period so I’m definitely falling behind there and I need to invest more per month.

      Yes, it’s separate from my EF – my EF is held in Vanguard Total Stock Market and Vanguard Short Term Investment Fund, and I don’t account for it in my income portfolio.

      Best wishes,

  2. Very impressive. I really love the cumulative dividend chart. So satisfying to see a set of progressive “steps” like that year after year!

    Keep up the good work. I may be adding to my Diageo holding sometime this month if the price continues to sit as it does!

    1. Hi D²,

      Yes, I find the progressive dividend chart great to compare current progress as well as compare against previous years.

      I look forward to reading if you went with DEO or another company!

      Best wishes,

  3. Nice month Dividend Life! Also, nice year-over-growth…37% is awesome progress. I think I’ve mentioned it to you before but I must say it again….very nice charts and graphs! Makes the post attractive and easy to read.

    Lastly, way to add almost another $4K of new capital to your accounts. This time next year, that money will be paying you dividends (literally!). 🙂

    Keep up the momentum my friend. AFFJ

    1. Hi AFFJ,

      Thanks for the support and the compliment! I certainly can’t wait for my capital to work harder so that I don’t have to, so I help it along every chance I get 🙂

      Best wishes,

  4. DL,

    Great month once again! Your year-over-year progress is nothing to be sneezed at considering the amount of dividends you receive already.

    Love the continued addition of DGE, PG and QCOM to your portfolio. As a shareholder myself, I believe these companies will do well for many years to come.

    Keep it up,

    1. Hi NMW,
      Yes it’s true that the percentage increase drops each year as the total dividend income increase, but when I compare the 37% increase to my yearly salary increase it starts to look much better!

      It’s always good to see a fellow shareholder! I’m planning to hold these for a long time as I think they’re high quality companies with a long term future.

      Best wishes,

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