3 Retirement planning mistakes I made 20 years ago

Retirement. The word means to “withdraw from”, and if you’re just about to graduate from college, the chances are the word has a negative connotation assuming you’ve even thought about it yet. For many Retirement marks the beginning of the end; it’s something people do when they’re old and can’t work anymore. So it’s probably no surprise that it’s way down on the things to worry about for someone with more pressing concerns such as starting a career, family or just finding their way in life.

I mention this because I was asked a question recently: what did I learn in my 20’s to prepare for a better financial future; or failing that, what I would do differently if I could wind back the clock?
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Monthly Summary – May 2015

Here’s my net worth update and summary for May 2015. There were a couple of surprises in May: we received unexpected (& free) tickets to watch New Kids On The Block although perhaps they should consider a name change since they’re about 45 years old now! And my graphics card died, so I bought a new graphics card to keep my PC running (it’s twice as fast as the old card and uses half the power) – that’ll show up in July’s costs since I used my credit card.

So was May a step forward towards FI or a step backwards?

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UK Dividend Champions June 2015 Update

UK Dividend Champions List logo for June 2015 The June 2015 update to the UK Dividends Champions List is now available at DividendChampions.UK.

Not many changes this month; mostly updated yields and prices. However one company joined the 25-year Dividend Champion ranks, another joined the Contenders with 14-years of growth and a new 4-year Near-Challenger appeared. Two Investment Trusts were also added to the list.

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