Monthly Summary – June 2015

Here’s my net worth update and summary for June 2015 – this part follows on from my June income summary. June was a fairly quiet month in terms of surprises, but I was busy with work deadlines…another reason to look forward to being financially independent!

So with that said, was June a step forward towards FI or a step backwards?

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UK Dividend Champions July 2015 Update

UK Dividend Champions List logo for June 2015 The July 2015 update to the UK Dividends Champions List is now available at DividendChampions.UK.

There aren’t many changes this month; most of the updates I’ve made didn’t change any rankings but verified existing stats. So there’s just one new 23-Year Contender, a new 4-Year Near-Challenger and the passing of a 25-Year Dividend Champion.

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