UK Dividend Champions July 2015 Update

UK Dividend Champions List logo for June 2015 The July 2015 update to the UK Dividends Champions List is now available at DividendChampions.UK.

There aren’t many changes this month; most of the updates I’ve made didn’t change any rankings but verified existing stats. So there’s just one new 23-Year Contender, a new 4-Year Near-Challenger and the passing of a 25-Year Dividend Champion.

Here’s an overview of the changes this month – the list increased by one overall.

Category JULY JUNE
Champions (25+ years) 11 12
Contenders (10-24 years) 64 63
Challengers (5-9 years) 127 127
Near-Challengers (4 years) 69 68
Total 271 270

The Financial Year ranking isn’t as complete as the Calendar Year ranking, but it’s increasing as I research companies.

Dividend Growth 25+ years 12 13
Dividend Growth 10-24 Years 60 56
Dividend Growth 5-9 Years 37 35
Dividend Growth 1 to 4 Years 35 34
Total 144 138

Sector Summary

Sector Champions Contenders Challengers Near-Challengers Total
Basic Materials 0 3 3 3  9
Consumer Goods 4 5 13 2  25
Consumer Services 1 10 21 14  46
Financials 1 14 28 20  63
Health Care 0 3 7 1  11
Industrials 5 21 35 22  83
Oil & Gas 0 3 1 2  6
Technology 0 1 15 4  20
Telecommunications 0 1 3 0  4
Utilities 0 3 1 0  4
Total  11 64  127  69  271

New Entries & Promotions

National Grid plc – New Contender (23)

National Grid plc was missing from the list until now which was a mistake on my part.

National Grid plc operates the UK’s electricity and gas transmission networks as well as operating four of the UK’s eight regional gas distribution networks. It also runs an electricity and gas distribution network in the northeastern US. It reports in four operating segments: UK Electricity Transmission (24% FY15 Revenue), UK Gas Transmission (7%), UK Gas Distribution (12%) and US Regulated (52%).

Hammerson plc – New Near-Challenger (4)

Hammerson plc is a new entry on the list after further research with a 4-year dividend growth history.

Hammerson plc is a publicly owned real estate investment trust. The firm engages in investing, developing, and managing retail properties. It invests in real estate market of Europe with a focus in United Kingdom, Germany, and France. The firm primarily invests in shopping centers, retail parks, and offices. The company reports in two segments based on geographic region: United Kingdom (73% of FY14 Revenue) and France (27%).

Companies removed from the list

Domino Printing Sciences – Former Champion (25)

Domino Printing Sciences was acquired by Brother Corporation on 12-Jun-15 so its symbol DNO has been delisted. It’s a shame to see this company disappear as it had a great dividend growth history.

Investment Trusts

The list still contains Investment Trusts; until they are removed, you can easily identify them by filtering the Sector column F for “Equity Investment Instruments”, where you can either include or exclude them when viewing the list

Other Updates

  • Ashtead Group plc (AHT) had its growth length updated from (7) to (9) Years based on new dividend information. The adjustments were not large enough for a promotion or demotion however.

Fundamental Data

Entries in the list that have a “Founded” column have been manually researched and checked. The Dividend per Share and yield for these entries were calculated as of 12th July.

Dividend yield is calculated as the last 12 months of most recent dividend declarations divided by the current share price. Special dividends are also not included in yield or DPS calculations, so actual yields may be higher.

All dividend history data that I have is posted on DividendChampions.UK.

Please keep in mind that the fundamental data will get increasingly out of date as the month progresses. You should always perform your own research and due diligence on any potential stock purchase.

The List includes AIM-listed companies which may be more volatile than larger FTSE-listed companies. The List includes the index (Column C) and the Market Cap (Column O) which can be used to filter out smaller companies.

List Corrections

The latest version of the list is dated 19-Jul-15 – I removed a duplicate CKN entry from the previous version dated 12-Jul-15 that’s been lurking on DividendChampions.UK.


Well that’s it for July. I’m sorry again for the late posting but now I’m done with my travels and work-related deadlines so I’ll be back on track for the August update planned for 02-August.

Please let me know if you see any errors in the List, thank you!

Quote of the day

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

3 thoughts on “UK Dividend Champions July 2015 Update”

  1. Thanks for doing this as usual, DL. Nice little adjustments. NG is a great company. I am seriously tempted to top up my holding sometime soon.

    It is really sad that Domino Printing has been bought. It was a superb company which I had been waiting for ages to find a good time to jump on board. Sad that will never happen now. Brother got a great business.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks D² – yes it was a shame about Domino.

      I’m adding NG to my watchlist, or at least the ADR version which is NGG here in the US. I’m planning to add more Utility stocks later this year and they’re definitely a candidate!

      Best wishes,

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