The Rise and Fall of Dividend Champions

How many companies have tried and failed to become a Dividend Champion with 25+ years of annual dividend growth? How many of the former Champions are back in the running for another try at Dividend Championship?

Read on for some stats on the rise and fall of Dividend Champions since 2007.

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How to make your own Mutual Fund

A Dividend Growth portfolio is well suited to be viewed as a mini-mutual fund since it’s an allocation to a specific set of dividend growth stocks held with a long-term buy and hold strategy in mind. Here’s how you can make your own mutual fund from your stock portfolio.

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Reviewing my stock portfolio performance: 2011 – 2015

In the summer of 2014, some 18 months ago, I reviewed the performance of my stock portfolio. I’ve hesitated to do it again because I was more interested in dividend income and I wasn’t worried about trying to beat the market with my stock selection. I have since ‘evolved my position’ (as a politician might say) because I was wrong (as a politician wouldn’t say) and I only just realized that this week…

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Quicken 2016 review

As a daily Quicken 2015 user, I upgraded to Quicken 2016 this week. The changes aren’t very significant but I chose to upgrade anyway. So here’s my Quicken 2016 review, with my thoughts about the latest version as well as an updated look at my Income Portfolio Morningstar X-Ray and an updated Credit Score just for fun!
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Investing vs the Lottery

The Powerball jackpot is expected to be over $700,000,000 this weekend. I’m tempted to buy a ticket too. Now I only buy tickets when my office coworkers buy them as I don’t want to be all alone in the office in case they actually win, so this would be perhaps the third time I’ve played in my life. But for someone that plays regularly, what might they ‘win’ on the stock market instead of buying a $2 ticket twice a week?

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December 2015 – Dividend income and portfolio update

Here it is – my last income update for 2015 that you’ve not been waiting for! Did December’s typically strong performance allow me to beat June’s all-time high income of $1,083 and reach my yearly target? Read on to see…

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