UK Dividend Champions January 2016 Update

UK Dividend Champions List logo for January 2016 The UK Dividend Champions List January 2016 edition is now available at DividendChampions.UK. There are a lot of updates this month as I tried to catch up with the calendar year end, including eight new Dividend Contenders (10+ years) with one Contender being removed. Read on for the summary of the 184 companies updated this month.

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My Financial Plan (part 2) – A look at Total Return Investing

Following on from my last post about new Financial Plan / Charter, here’s the final installment describing some changes in my Retirement Portfolio which follows a “Bogleheads” strategy, a strategy named after the father of index funds, Jack Bogle.
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Writing my personal finance plan (part 1)

I’ve been wanting to update my personal finance plan for a while now, but I finally made time to sit down and actually do it. Here’s a summary of the more interesting changes since it’s a pretty dry read and I’ve focused more on my Income Fund in this post.

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