The evolution of my account structure

As part of the ongoing simplification & optimization of my personal finances, I’ve made some changes to how I route money between my various accounts. But I thought it’d be worth looking at how I arrived at my individual solution, starting at the beginning, some 16 years ago.

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30 Songs inspired by Financial Independence

I’ve been stressed with work of late and haven’t had chance to write up the changes in the UK Dividend Champions list which I sneakily updated earlier this week (the latest version is dated 2016-03 and all download links should be up to date). But since compiling the change notes takes a couple of evenings, I’m deferring that task to this weekend.

In the meantime, because I’m in an out of sorts mood; here’s my equivalent of a musical mix-tape of songs inspired by Financial Independence; loosely following a path of starting out working and then switching from a “working to live” mindset to simply living in FI.

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