Some thoughts on investing fees

Your investment portfolio is influenced by many things which aren’t under your control. From the global economies, to national disasters, to surprise company decisions (e.g. Microsoft adding LinkedIn to their professional network), to political events (Presidential elections, Brexit) and even possibly the flapping of butterfly wings around the world. However one area where you do have some control are in managing trading or investing fees.

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Living in the now (my simple philosophy)

I believe that Financial Independence is more than simply following a plan for increased passive income. It can spill over into all areas of life, not just the bank balance. In deciding what to spend money on, you must think of your needs, aspirations and the person you are / want to be. Here are my thoughts on what I call “Living In the Now”.

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May 2016 – Income Fund update

The US Stock Market fell towards the end of the month but ended up higher than at the beginning; the S&P 500 gaining 1.5% during the month for a total of 2.6% year to date. There were the usual concerns about possible actions from the Federal Reserve, the price of Oil, the upcoming Brexit vote in June and a million other things happening around the world. But tuning out all the noise, how did my Income Fund do?

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