July 2016 – monthly summary

It seems like just last week I was writing out June’s monthly summary. Wait…I was! I’m catching up so this is my wet worth update and monthly summary for July. This post follows on from my July income fund update. How did I do? Let’s take a look under the financial covers and see…

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Budget 4.5 – my updated 2016 budget

It’s past time for my bi-yearly budget review to accommodate any changes since I updated Budget 4.0 at the start of the year. The updated 2016 budget allows small course corrections to take account of changes to living expenses. Since it’s a mid-year adjustment, I’m not increasing the overall amount. But there are changes nonetheless and I’ve had to adjust my Savings philosophy to some extent.

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June 2016 – Spending and monthly summary

This is my wet worth update and monthly summary for June. This post follows on from my June income fund update. Yep, June; not July or August as that’s how far behind I am. Time to connect the Flux Capacitor, speed up to 88mph and dial back time to a few months ago…

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