Market temperatures edge lower at beginning of last working day in 2016

winter scene with lots of snow and a river.

This is a guest post by Miss S. Market, virtual journalist from the DividendLife Journal.

December 30th, 2016 – Detroit.

Today’s temperature in Detroit opened higher before edging lower Friday morning, the last day of the year, as the climate looked to end a two-day skid. Temperatures haven’t had a three-day losing streak since the last time this happened.

Frank Dinkum, director of Quant Meteorological Operations for MSABC, told us that low cloud cover could be a major factor today.

“For weeks, we’ve been told that the clouds will be lower,” he said. “I hope they are. The temperature’s going to be very low otherwise, and that might lead to a disproportionate move by the climate.”

When asked if the new year would bring higher temperatures, Dinkum was hesitant to say.

“Initially you would think a new year, a new month, there would be new temperatures reached, but what’s happening over on the east coast has thrown a bit of a curveball into this,” he said. “We’ll see how the clouds do, maybe look at the winds too … there might be some indecision by the climate.”

Looking ahead to 2017, Jeff Maynard, managing director of institutional climate forecasts at Raymond Jones, wrote in a note that among the top concerns for the new year are the sun’s temperature, the moon’s distance from the earth, the ocean’s temperature, aging infrastructure and cybersecurity breaches.

Thanks Jeff, our readers will find that advice actionable.

As of Thursday’s close, Detroit’s temperature reached 30 degrees, down 0.57 percent, from 30.16 °C and is on pace for its first negative week since before the election. It continued to be up 13.74% year to date from a low of 25.8°C.

Meanwhile temperatures in all regions turned negative after the Climate 500, an index of the temperatures in the largest 500 US cities, ended Thursday down 0.1°C. Lincoln, Nebraska was the biggest laggard, down nearly three quarters of a degree.

“How will this downtrend affect your clothing choices tomorrow? Will you be selling any clothes?” we asked Dawn Denning, a random passerby at the mall. “Probably not much,” she admitted bundled up in a warm parka, “it’s already quite chilly.”

We then turned to TemperatureDude, a financial independence blogger. “I especially like the coldest days but it’s been hard to find heat recently! Everything is so cold! But collect as much heat that you can, it really builds up over time!” he said enthusiastically.

“Aren’t you concerned that temperatures in Detroit are dropping faster than Orlando, Florida?” we persisted. “Not at all!” replied TemperatureDude. “I try to spend time in at least 30 different regions, so I can average-down on the temperatures!”

In other markets, the Wind Index decreased a modest 7% to an average speed of 32.5 mph.

Meanwhile Rain Futures were up, gaining 10mm since January; the 16% increase making for the wettest year since 2009.

Climate markets will be closed tomorrow for the New Year but will re-open on Tuesday 2nd November.

All names and organizations mentioned here are entirely made up by yours truly, Dividend Life. This post was inspired by some random ‘market news’ article on CNBC. The stock market was replaced with temperature.

Keep things in perspective when you read or hear market ‘noise’.

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