There’s more to life than dividends…

The poem "If" by Rudyard KiplingIronically the more I search for financial independence, the more I realize there’s more to life than dividends.

A journey to financial independence typically starts with small steps. “I’ll save money today by not having that latte at Starbucks”. With the money saved in cutting costs, I can pay off debt or invest the savings and, at some future time, be financially free.

Yet hidden in that simple decision to skip a latte is a deeper question, “What do you value in your life?”

I think Financial Independence is simply about taking control of your life. It just focuses on Money, one of the main limited resources in your life. The other, and even more important currency, is Time.

Once you’ve figured out how to manage money and use it efficiently, thoughts invariably turn towards the use of Time and how to spend that. Because now that you’re in control of yourself and your finances, the next question is “what next?”. What will you do with your Money and Time?

My hope, is that you’ll use it to be a better person, whatever that means to you. None of us are perfect, after all. I made the graphic of Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem today which shows one such ideal. It’s amazing to me how much knowledge and wisdom about being a better person can be portrayed in so few words.

So, as much as watching dividends grow is motivating and rewarding, make sure you’re watching your life grow too. Living is about maintaining balance in all things.

This post is in memory of my Aunt, 1928 – 2017.

4 thoughts on “There’s more to life than dividends…”

  1. Dividend Life, you are philosopher! 2 things:

    1. Balance is very important for all people. Whether it be work/life, healthy food/junk food, exercise/relaxation, it’s necessary for there to be variation for a person to grow and prosper

    2. With regards to time, it comes back to the balance and how you want to live your life, like you said above. For me, it’s personal growth in the present to be able to be successful in the future. With my future success, I want to help others achieve their goals.

    Sorry for your loss DL, best wishes.


    1. Thanks Erik! I’m probably more reflective than usual on account of her passing. It was expected though, which helped me prepare.
      Agree with your comments and I really admire your motivation and drive for growth. The hardest part of growth for me is conflict as I inherently shy away from that.
      Talking of balance, will be back to dividends tomorrow. Or something financially anyway.
      Best wishes,

  2. DL, I’m sorry to read of your Aunt’s passing.

    Today, someone said that his goal in life is to leave the world in a better state than it was in when he was born. If only everybody would do that!

    Take care and all the best for 2017!

    1. Hi FerdiS,
      That’s a great goal and one that I believe my Aunt crushed. I will keep that goal in mind when writing next year’s goals.
      Thank you for your kind words and best wishes for 2017,

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