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Credit Karma taxes
There are many ways of filing your taxes this year, some free and others…not so free. Here’s one new method to file your taxes that’s free: the Credit Karma Tax service.

2017 Tax Filing

If you’reĀ  like me, then you’re still waiting on various 1099, 1098 and W2 forms to arrive so you can file your taxes. The earlier you file, the better because:

    1. You’ll get any money back sooner.
    2. You lower the risk of someone fraudulently filing in your name.

While waiting, it’s worth researching how you’ll file taxes this year. There are some free services for filing, especially at lower income levels. Check out the IRS free services site for more details.

And of course there are the usual suspects from TurboTax and HR Block. Here however, the free part usually comes with an (*) stating that it’s only for the 1040EZ form, or excludes state filing or whatever. Itemized filing or using the Schedule D form, used with investments, can cost extra.

New Credit Karma Tax Service

This year brings a new service from Credit Karma. Well-known for their free credit monitoring service (well I’ve heard of them so that’s something), they’re now offering a tax-filing service that’s 100% free. It follows the same free business model as their main credit service: they receive payment from third-party services and products they offer on their web-site.

They offer 24/7 support, maximum refund and interest-free advances on your refund if you’re so inclined. If your tax-filing situation is more complex, here’s a list of forms they support.

It’s always valuable to have options, and this seems like a good option to keep in mind.


I’m not paid by Credit Karma, nor do I earn any income from any of the above links. This post is informational and not an endorsement: I do not currently use the Credit Karma service nor do I use their tax service at this time.

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    1. Hi DFG,
      That’s still not too bad but maybe something to consider next year. I pay a person at HR Block to do mine and it’s a lot more than $15. I’m trying to simplify my accounts a bit this year so I can file online next year.
      Best wishes,

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