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FIREHub.euDo you like the idea of financial independence? Do you live in Europe? If so, then take a look at This is a new online community for exchanging ideas and support for financial independence that’s all European. Otherwise, read on for some more details…

Much of the books, media and websites about financial independence are US-based. But if you’re in Europe it can be difficult to get more advice and information that’s relevant to you. One of the great things about Europe is the diversity of culture between the various countries. This also means there are significant differences between the financial landscape of each country.

Enter, a site which aims to connect people across Europe to provide country-specific and European-wide information. It’s kind of like a Lonely Planet guide, except that it’s for financial independence and not travel.

Inside you can find country specific ambassadors, a list of European FIRE blogs with filters per country and country-specific meet-ups.

Even if you don’t live in Europe, many of the concepts of FIRE are universal – spend wisely, empower yourself and live free. Seeing how people in other cultures solve similar problems may lead to new inspirations in your own life.

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Other Non-US Resources

FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) is a very broad topic that doesn’t just cover investing. If you live outside the US, another source of investing related material can be found at the Bogleheads wiki.

This wiki doesn’t have a whole lot of countries listed although it has some general information on investing in Europe. There are also local chapters in various countries although most are in the US.

European FIRE Rain

I couldn’t find a song about European FIRE. Here’s European Rain by the Scottish band, The Big Dish instead!

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