Dividend Calculators

The following dividend calculators may help you compare two stocks with different dividend yields and growth rates.

If I re-invest dividends, how many years will it take to reach a given Future Value?

The following calculator shows how many years it takes for an investment to reach a target Future Value given an initial yield and a projected dividend growth rate. The FV value is expressed as a percentage e.g. 200 = 200% (double the initial investment).

I derived this calculator when I investigated the effects of reinvesting dividends on growth vs. yield.

How long will it take to be paid back a certain percentage of an investment?

The following calculator lets you select the percentage of an investment amount that you would like to be paid if you do not re-invest dividends. It’ll then show you the time taken at a given yield and growth rate for you be paid that amount.

See is dividend growth better than yield? for more details.

How long will my dividend yield to reach a target yield?

This calculator determine how long it will take a dividend yield to increase to reach a target yield.

See is dividend growth better than yield? for more details.

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