This stock indicator has predicted over 100% of all market corrections!

Black Swan bg With the stock market at all time record highs, it’s only a matter of time before the next stock market crash happens. Look out for this one stock indicator that has accurately predicted twenty-seven of the last nine Black Swan corrections – that’s how good it is!

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Starting to start exercising! How I’m investing in myself.

Girl doing pushupsI’ve started exercising! Although I use the terms loosely. It’s probably more correct to say “I’m starting to start exercising again.” Either way, it’s a long overdue step in a journey to a better me. I thought I’d write out my plans and routine so that I’ll stick to them.

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Market temperatures edge lower at beginning of last working day in 2016

winter scene with lots of snow and a river.

This is a guest post by Miss S. Market, virtual journalist from the DividendLife Journal.

December 30th, 2016 – Detroit.

Today’s temperature in Detroit opened higher before edging lower Friday morning, the last day of the year, as the climate looked to end a two-day skid. Temperatures haven’t had a three-day losing streak since the last time this happened.

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Living in the now (my simple philosophy)

I believe that Financial Independence is more than simply following a plan for increased passive income. It can spill over into all areas of life, not just the bank balance. In deciding what to spend money on, you must think of your needs, aspirations and the person you are / want to be. Here are my thoughts on what I call “Living In the Now”.

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30 Songs inspired by Financial Independence

I’ve been stressed with work of late and haven’t had chance to write up the changes in the UK Dividend Champions list which I sneakily updated earlier this week (the latest version is dated 2016-03 and all download links should be up to date). But since compiling the change notes takes a couple of evenings, I’m deferring that task to this weekend.

In the meantime, because I’m in an out of sorts mood; here’s my equivalent of a musical mix-tape of songs inspired by Financial Independence; loosely following a path of starting out working and then switching from a “working to live” mindset to simply living in FI.

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