My Financial Plan (part 2) – A look at Total Return Investing

Following on from my last post about new Financial Plan / Charter, here’s the final installment describing some changes in my Retirement Portfolio which follows a “Bogleheads” strategy, a strategy named after the father of index funds, Jack Bogle.
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3 Retirement planning mistakes I made 20 years ago

Retirement. The word means to “withdraw from”, and if you’re just about to graduate from college, the chances are the word has a negative connotation assuming you’ve even thought about it yet. For many Retirement marks the beginning of the end; it’s something people do when they’re old and can’t work anymore. So it’s probably no surprise that it’s way down on the things to worry about for someone with more pressing concerns such as starting a career, family or just finding their way in life.

I mention this because I was asked a question recently: what did I learn in my 20’s to prepare for a better financial future; or failing that, what I would do differently if I could wind back the clock?
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My retirement accounts update

I don’t write much about my retirement accounts since there’s really nothing much to write about and I try to keep it that way. However after completing the transfer of The Pension That Time Forgot into my Traditional IRA, I also converted my former 401(k) plan and picked a new asset allocation which affected both my Roth and Traditional IRA and also my current 401(k). So I had something to write about after all!

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Plans for my Roth IRA

It’s been a while since my last post – I’ve not made any stock purchases and I’ve been busy trying to figure out the effect of compounded dividend growth when the dividends are re-invested. It seems I was correct in my previous article comparing yield vs. growth that the mathematics behind it is complicated. I’ve been learning a lot but I’m not quite there yet.

Anyway in lieu of stock research, what I did recently was to revisit my Roth IRA and make some decisions about it. Currently this year I’ve not contributed to my Roth IRA.

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