My personal finance journey – 2005

Yes that’s 2005, not 2014! I’m slowly working my way through my old financial records (more emphasis on slowly than working) to discover what I did with my money when I wasn’t paying attention. So speed your deLorean up to 88 mph or slip into a magical hot-tub if you’re fresh out of flux capacitors, and journey back to 2005 with me!

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My personal finance journey – moving to Alabama in 2004

My personal finance journey in 2004 included a physical move from Michigan to Alabama as my company decided to relocate there. Not everyone went; I think the majority refused and looked for other jobs. It wasn’t a very hard decision for me really; my family lives in the UK so I had no particular ties to Michigan, the relocation package helped with expenses and I would be receiving the same salary in a state where taxes were lower. Throw in warm winters, no snow, and I was on my way.

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My personal finance journey – a look back at 2003

This is an update to my personal finance journey covering 2003. I really don’t remember much about this year which means nothing too exciting happened. It was my third year living in Michigan and my job was becoming increasingly stressful. I was still renting the same apartment.

I had also given up any form of budgeting for the year – I don’t think I kept any track of what I spent. I was fortunate enough to be earning more than I could reasonably spend in a month and I became lazy. It’s taken me a lot longer this time to go through old bank statements and piece together what happened.
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Year End Summary – 2002

A look back into 2002 where I held no stocks and so was largely oblivious to the stock market turmoil that year. I spent a month working in my company’s Singapore office and briefly considered transferring there until I met Ms. DivLife and decided to stay put in the US.

Let’s turn the pages back and take a look…

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Year End Summary – 2001

I’m still catching up on old news; my net worth in 2001 in this case. This year has taken longer to calculate since I apparently made only a minimum attempt at budgeting at the beginning of the year and then entirely ignored it. The saving grace was that I at least used Microsoft Money [1] to reconcile my bank account so I didn’t have to crawl though dusty paper records.

Anyway, after 3 nostalgic evenings spent reconciling income & expenses, here’s my summary for 2001.

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My personal finance journey – a look back to 2000

No, that’s not a typo in the title. This really is a summary of my personal finance journey in the year 2000 since that was the starting point of my new life in the US. It will be interesting to see where my money went and what mistakes I made. I’m reading a book called Your Money or Your Life and it encourages working out how much money you’ve earned in your life – so this is part 1.

Luckily I kept pretty good financial records for that particular year – my financial situation in Germany wasn’t that great and I was used to tracking my income to the last pfennig [1]. This was my first year in the US and I arrived on these shores with only a carry-on bag containing clothes and my personal laptop. I was shuttling back and forth between Germany and the US with my job for the first part of the year and it was only later in the year that I started to rent an apartment and lease a car.

Without further ado, let’s take a look back into the past.

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