January Stock Purchase #2

This week I decided to add to the stocks I hold in the Basic Materials sector – partly because my Rockwood Holding (ROC) shares have now become Albermarle (ALB) shares with a lower dividend and partly because the sector has dropped in price of late. The last time I added to this sector was back in November when I added BMS.
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Basic Materials dividend stocks – November Purchase

It’s Election Day today! I can’t actually vote but my Company gives everyone the day off work in any case so that’s a plus and I can catch up with this posting that I didn’t finish over the weekend. This week the Basic Materials sector is my lowest weighted sector again. The last time I added to this sector was at the end of September last month when I started a new purchase in BMS.

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Digging for dividends in the Basic Materials sector

It’s time for another Sharebuilder purchase and this week I’m looking at dividend stocks in the Basic Materials sector. While this sector has the lowest weight in my dividend stock Portfolio, it also contains many over-valued stocks. Is there any gold to be found or have all the mines been exhausted?
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