Budget 17.0 – updating my budget for 2017

Alright so it’s not really up there with one of Lord Blackadder’s dastardly schemes. But my plan is to renumber my future budgets so that I can easily tell which year each one is for. For 2017 I’m going to call it version 17.0 which shares the same number as the year. Cunning or what? I may need to modify it in six months, in which case it’ll be revised to 17.5.

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Budget 3.5 – my revised 2015 budget

Before I update my July results, it’s time to update my monthly budget which I tweaked slightly last month. I last revised my budget at the end of last year, so here’s Budget 3.5; a shiny new version of Budget 3.0 for the remainder of the year!

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