April purchase – Consumer Defensive stocks

Last Tuesday I made my second Sharebuilder automatic purchase in April and I added to existing positions in the Consumer Defensive sector. I’m still a little behind schedule in writing about my purchases, but I’m gradually catching up.
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7 Consumer Defensive dividend stocks – March purchase 2

For my automatic Sharebuilder purchase this week I added to 2 positions in Consumer Defensive stocks. Here’s a summary of the 5 stocks in my portfolio plus 2 additional companies on my watch list.

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Consumer Defensive stocks – 3rd purchase in November

Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s catchup post; it’s Sharebuilder Tuesday again today and it’s back once more to the Consumer Defensive sector. I went through this sector only last month when I bought a mix of CLX, PG and KMB although the valuation is lower than usual because I sold my shares in TAP last month and I didn’t buy new shares in this sector with the proceeds.

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Consumer Defensive stocks – October Purchase

This is my last purchase in October and this week it’s the turn of the Consumer Defensive sector to be the lowest weight in my Portfolio. I tend to buy from the lowest valued sector as it suggests relatively cheaper shares but until I’ve built up bigger positions, the weighting is primarily influenced by purchases. But at any rate it’s a good excuse to cycle through some stocks to see what’s what. My last purchase was back in July when I bought PG which means the sector has been doing well compared to others such as Energy which were lowest twice during that same period.

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