October 2015 – Dividend income and portfolio update

I’m carefully climbing into my hot tub time machine to re-visit October, as I’m recovering from surgery. I usually have to be at death’s door before going to the doctor’s but in this case it all resulted from a simple skin examination and a suspicious mole on my back. So I can’t stress enough the benefits of annual exams and being proactive about your health.

After that public service announcement, let’s see what October brought. As usual we’ll start with income first and then go over the portfolio allocation.

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Third purchase in April – Financial sector stocks

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Man, confused by online banking, thinks he can use his monitor like an ATM.
Last Tuesday I made my third Sharebuilder automatic purchase in April and I added to existing positions in the Financial sector.

I’ve not had much time to look outside my currently held stocks for the last couple of weeks as I’ve been busy working through a backlog of Dividend Champions as well as working on the site itself.
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Financial dividend stocks – my next purchase in June

I’m looking at dividend stocks in the Financials sector to decide what to buy next week. This sector has the lowest weight in my dividend stock Portfolio. I own two Financial dividend stocks, so I’ve picked some other stocks from the Dividends Champion List that caught my eye to see how they compare and if starting a new position to diversify is worthwhile.
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