Planning for investing success – a look at the Investment Policy Statement

Example investment plan showing missing details in planning for investing success
In order to get somewhere or achieve something, it’s good to have a plan. And if you have a plan, it’s even better to write it down so that you can follow it or even consider how you might change it. It’s no different for investing. Here are some thoughts on planning for investing success.

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Three irrational financial behaviors that I have

Pretend therapy session for irrational financial behaviors
Time for some therapy. “Hello, I’m DividendLife and I have irrational financial behaviors.” It’s true! I sometimes make less than optimum financial choices and I know it. Yet I’m somehow okay with that. Here are three irrational things that I know I do and why I choose to accept them.

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Who’s afraid of the market highs?

Wall Street bull, New York, New York LCCN2011630801
If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard about the Dow 20,000 for the last couple of months, I’d probably have about $2.47. And I would promptly invest it back in the stock market. But what’s all the fuss about record market highs and should we be worried? Having asked that question, I thought I’d better answer it. So, fasten your seatbelt because we’re going up, up and away!

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